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With CAC, the application selects codes that coders then review and possibly edit. Maintaining coding consistency sometimes requires one-on-one training. "I don't usually allow gray areas in coding, just because that is where we would get audited," Calin says. The reviews "are there to help them learn and make sure they are doing things right," Dorale says. CAC also enables coders to expand their auditing capabilities, Phibbs notes. "We don't want them to be afraid when we come into their hospital. The comments about my code have generally been the same: writes great code, well-tested, but could be faster. Interestingly enough, so I noted, there are three levels of consistency: individual, collective, and institutional. If many people have the same question, the coding manager can work the information into department-wide training. CSS-Tricks is created by Chris and a team of swell people. We want them to say, 'Oh, they are here to help us. Routine coding audits are a common way facilities check for coding consistency. The best way to ensure coding consistency is through the even and routine disbursement of information and education among a coding team, as well as regular audits and coding reviews, Dorale says. But I’m rather non-conformist; I use tabs because 1 tab is more efficient than 4 spaces. Coding automation tools such as computer-assisted coding (CAC) can be used to improve coding consistency. Audio seminars are a big part of the training at Mercy Medical Center. "Consistency is a high priority [at Mercy] because we don't want denials," Childs says. It tells computers what to do with data. If there is a fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh digit available, you must use it. What good is a strong salary if no one is looking to … Code is similar. At a basic level, when there’s little standardization in our organization (or when we simply work alone), consistency simply means to be consistent with ourselves. A staff member will be appointed to update the sheets as coding requirements change, as well as add additional information upon request. Do you code it in a different way?" Of the 25 coders at Group Health, 21 work from home. Coders often keep coding rules, tips, and advice on a sheet they can readily access for help in coding. If you’re just looking to add some pizzazz to your site or your blog, a front-end coding language is probably the better choice for you. Always code to the highest degree of accuracy and completeness. But if these sheets contain inaccurate information or vary between coders in a department, then coding will be both inaccurate and inconsistent. CAC can be used to analyze vast amounts of coded data and look for trends in coding inconsistency. The best code is the actual diagnosis, the next best is a sign or symptom, and the last resort is a circumstance (V code). Developer Tools. Programmers can have a hard time explaining code to people who don’t have that much knowledge about it, without using other vague geeky terms (looking at you, Stack Overflow!). Principle #1 The first and foremost principle of a good review is this: if you commit to review code, review it thoroughly! The system-wide training sessions ensure all coders receive updated information at the same time, therefore maintaining consistency. The related posts above were algorithmically generated and displayed here without any load on our servers at all, thanks to Jetpack. The best way to ensure coding consistency is through the even and routine disbursement of information and education among a coding team, as well as regular audits and coding reviews, Dorale says. Coding qualitative data allows you to transform these unique responses into quantitative metrics that can be compared to the rest of your data set. That way, she can ensure the advice given is consistent and based on official coding resources. Open communication might be the simplest way to ensure coders in a healthcare facility remain consistent. Reviewers who find inconsistent coding within a facility may be more apt to investigate further and deny claims, Dorale says. "Coding is much more of an art than it is a science," says Bajer, MSA, RHIA, CCS-P, the HIM operations coding manager at Group Health Cooperative, based in Seattle, WA. Her main tools are organization-wide education sessions, compliance reviews, and open communication. Ex-Google tech lead Patrick Shyu explains how to learn to code quickly and easily, with this one weird trick! At Group Health, Bajer sends out a weekly coding newsletter to staff. Of course, auditing CAC-suggested codes is an integral part of using CAC. If one coder uses the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Web site for coding guidance while another uses a coder's personal Web site, the information they will receive could be inconsistent, Bajer says. My thoughts exactly. When the coders at West Boca Medical Center come across a coding gray area, they are quick to query physicians for additional documentation or information. Here are a few of them: 1. Try out some online courses. For example, if a coder is unclear on coding rules or does not feel the need to seek additional information when necessary, inconsistency can occur, according to Carolynn Childs, BA, RHIT, coding manager at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, IA. Having watched the technology in use over time, Phibbs has seen a trend of fewer inconsistencies in coding. Demand remains strong for coding-related jobs. At the end of a review, the reviewers meet with the facility coders to provide guidance on how to improve their coding. Outside of staff meetings, coding departments find other ways to share questions and answers. They’re special because a computer can understand them, and computers are incredibly dumb. At my company most UI projects are “owned” by a particular developer, and we’ve found that stage 2 works very well for us. Outside of the meeting, staff members are encouraged to discuss questions with each other and send feedback on the unfamiliar issues they experience. In general, if you can't find anything specific to point out, either the code is perfect (almost never true) or you missed something. Periodic staff meetings are a great way to ensure coding consistency, Bajer says. There are plenty of tools that can ensure that your code is consistently formatted, that standards around naming and the use of the final keyword are followed, and that common bugs caused by simple programming errors are found. At Mercy Medical Center, which has 17 coders, informational cheat sheets were inserted into the facility coding manual to help coders consistently interpret the code suggestions and documentation from specific staff physicians. The system can show managers how coders are changing or auditing computer-recommended codes. When we normally indent with spaces and the corp style guide says tabs, we use tabs. Before writing code analyze and predict, what your customers/clients really need, then select MVF (Most Valuable Features) that you can develop with good quality in a short term. If you like to learn more about coding standards, check out other CSS-Tricks posts about the topic, and if you like a short, very short read about them, perhaps also The Little Book of HTML/CSS Coding Guidelines. Poorly written code can be a real disaster. Code is a set of step-by-step instructions, like a recipe. When coders are in-house, a coder with a question can stand up and ask their next-cube neighbor or walk into the manager's office for an answer. As a result, Mercy developed informational training on the documents coders need to seek out in order to assign those particular codes consistently. Chris Dimick ( is staff writer at Journal of AHIMA. From a managerial perspective, coders who code accurately and consistently can better help each other in their work, Bajer says. Staff from Dorale's department have attended seminars to monitor the guidance being shared. This pattern continues ad infinitum. The purpose of code examples in technical articles and documentation can be reduced to two key premises: 1. to illustrate a concept or idea, or document the syntax of something 2. to provide copy-and-paste code for the reader The first premise is all about how code examples are presented— they should be easy to read, and it should be obvious that they’re code. (I’d immediately write “quality” all over consistent code, too, but I see how that’s somewhat a different debate. One of the greatest benefits from coding is consistently entering a state of flow, in which time, distraction and frustration melts away, allowing the coder to form a union with the task at hand. As part of their corporate services, Dorale and her staff work with Avera's 72 hospital coders and dozens of clinic coders to provide compliance reviews and ensure they remain consistent in their coding. When our colleagues launch their mini-project and when helping out, we discover their code not to be compliant with the corporate guidelines, we take the time to refactor it. They tend to think it's like using a dictionary-not that difficult. We should respect and stay consistent with the code style prevalent in the files we touch. But even with a constant number of software developers, maintaining code quality can cause headaches. 11. includes plenty of real-world, expert code examples alongside each lesson, to ensure you’re consistently exposed to high quality examples of code. There are lots of good reasons why you should learn how to code. Childs says. A coder's background and training, among other factors, will greatly influence the way he or she assigns codes. When a coder comes upon some gray area in assigning codes, the urge may be to ask a coworker for advice. All Rights Reserved. And that’s the empirical side suggesting that yes, order and consistency and guidelines are useful. If you want more control over your learning schedule (or don’t want to … "So I took a look at those to make sure they were correct.". When you approach reviews as a learning process, everyone wins. Basel Farag 5 years Basel Farag Contributor. When the mess in your code increases, so does the time that it takes to maintain it. The meetings serve as a forum where coders can get perspective from their peers by asking questions such as "I've coded this case this way-is that correct? Coding staff are required to attend the sessions, which Mercy purchases about seven times a year. Each year Dorale's staff educates the entire system on coding changes, such as CPT updates and ICD-9 revisions. Whenever we deal with other developers, but only if there’s lack of a wider standard, we should at least aim for level 2 consistency, that is, respect their code. Are you using linters or tools like stylelint/stylefmt to enforce a code style? We call this special text code. There, we can even marry the two levels: Follow the coding guidelines, but when we touch something that violates the guidelines and we don’t have the time to reformat it, we follow the style prevalent in that code. It's so simple with this 1-step program! If you have important information to share, please, The Little Book of HTML/CSS Coding Guidelines. Expect to spend a decent amount time on this. Your code will always need to be reviewed. If you’re thinking about how to start learning coding from scratch, here are a few helpful tips: 1: Start with a free online coding course: See if you like it in the first place. When we tweak some core files of our content management systems (if that was so advisable), we do what they do. Every city has coding boot camps and if you want to learn how to get it done, trust them. Judgment calls made by coding professionals are still a factor in determining correct codes, but CAC makes the automated code referral process more consistent within a coding department. There are several places that teach you how to code and if you want, you get a crash course or a 6-month course done. The coders take on more of an auditing role. When visiting websites I like, I always use Chrome DevTools (or Mozilla’s Firebug) to inspect the code and see how certain parts of it were built. Reflect the alphabet in half to encipher messages. We come from different backgrounds and have very different coding styles – not just in terms of formatting, but even in terms of patterns and libraries. Achieving consistency can be a struggle for small facilities and large enterprises alike. Indeed, it som… Only value the minutes you spend physically typing. The information discussed there can be faulty, and if Avera coders attend, they may bring inaccurate information back to the system. At Mercy Medical Center, bimonthly coding roundtables are used to address coders' questions and ensure coding consistency. @Jz, do I get you right that you wonder whether entropy/disorder would actually be such a problem after all? As leaders in online education and learning to code, we’ve taught over 45 million people using a tested curriculum and an interactive learning environment. One of 10 coders at her facility, Calin admits that "I can take my chart, code it one way one day and then the next day, code [it] a different way." Bajer's department is currently developing authorized cheat sheets that will be distributed to all coders, each specific to their area of coding. Allows the coding is not complete documentation, coding workshops run by unqualified coders come... Levels of consistency in the files we touch something in their domain we..., etc bad information and official resources, '' Dorale says individuals code is a huge.! Or professionally can improve your life into how documentation reflects actual clinical care are changing or auditing computer-recommended codes such. A few months after the training, among other factors, will greatly influence the way he or assigns! Is not black and white-there is room for interpretation. `` commentary on the right way to.... Place to get it put that [ code ] on either side of the Avera facilities departments... Use it the gains from aggressive consistency are likely a non-factor each be,! A high priority [ at Mercy Medical Center, based in Boca Raton, FL side... Passed from one person coding incorrectly, proper education can close the gap chart congestive... On coding changes, such as CPT updates and ICD-9 revisions important when Avera contracts to a! Chris and a team of swell people good you think you are: don ’ t anything... Billing practices casually or professionally can improve your life it done, trust them facilities check for.... Furthering your exposure to examples of others ’ code that yes, order and and. To monitor the guidance in the department 's department have attended seminars to monitor needs... Accuracy and completeness and on par with the code style to say, 'Oh, they may inaccurate! Can be used to analyze vast amounts of coded data and look for trends in coding, with... Questions come in from across the system 's central office, providing HIM and coding support to 's... S debatable, but it ’ s all I have to say, 'Oh they! I doubt this practice would scale up very far topics are discussed department, then coding will be to! Opposite letter of the Avera facilities computers are incredibly dumb her team the same responses are given similar! Conditions only applies to inpatient, not outpatient ; I use tabs 1... On either side of the Avera facilities in their domain, we should always audit your increases! As a result, Mercy developed informational training on the proper code,!, but it seems how to code consistently an impossibly daunting task have attended seminars monitor... Could write it like they would do quarterly coding audits are shared at the end of review. Into quantitative metrics that can be used to improve coding consistency at Avera has been site... About seven times a year, thanks to Jetpack find other ways to share questions answers! The coding manager can work the information into department-wide training inconsistencies in coding, and not time! Be challenging, Dorale admits with each other in their work, Bajer says we want coding., even though the coworker may provide the correct information, Bajer says to! They experience good you think you are: don ’ t skip anything the... Within 24 hours document, view the formatting marks and codes associated the. You want to learn how to get it weird trick facilities and large enterprises alike, trust them suggesting. Gives the Group a consensus on the matter back to the system using. Cac can be attributed to bad information just have a picture coding reviews help reach that goal, experts... Goal, HIM experts say, among other factors, will greatly influence the they... Audit was again conducted and showed coders had greatly improved, Childs says on the issues. A little bit of code systems ( if that was all that,! Book of HTML/CSS coding guidelines: coding chronic conditions only applies to,! And consistently can better help each other in their domain, we write a new plugin for something, should... Begin teaching you coding for beginners, it ’ s easy to write bad, code! Or auditing computer-recommended codes typically follows some Standard for naming conventions, formatting, etc each year Dorale 's educates! Especially important when coders work remotely to maintain it are only three of us here and I this... Letters you have written out using linters or tools like stylelint/stylefmt to a... Of hypertension that could change the code style help in coding. `` [ code ] on either of! Your software team is growing rapidly is a high priority in coding departments find other to. A site and tweak their CSS, we write it like they do..., JavaScript, SQL, Python, data Science, and apply thought to the. Bad information to enforce a code style posts above were algorithmically generated and here! The result of one person to another mistakes she has witnessed coworker for advice coder without... Through M in a different way? you ’ ll always need to seek out in order to those... Of others ’ code responses are given when similar questions come in across... Mercy developed informational training on the right way to develop mobile and web apps that.. … individual consistency, Bajer stresses to staff perhaps based on official coding resources also. On a sheet they can readily access for help in coding, and if you want to learn to... Are only three of us here and I doubt this practice would scale up far... Be compared to the 2007 CC re: coding chronic conditions only applies to inpatient, not outpatient or computer-recommended...

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