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Back then, German immigrant Henry Heidi introduced Jujyfruits and Jujubes, which rose to almost instant success as movie theater snacks! just bought a box dated 040817 not good. is there a way to soften stale jujyfruits. J Jones on 9/27/15 at 1:05 pm, Comment by LOOK HOW MANY OF US JUJUBE LOVERS WANT THE OLD FAMILIAR CANDY BACK! Let’s all take a break with KitKat on this episode of Candyology 101. Dollar type store charges on $1.00 a box! bkbirge on 11/07/11 at 7:46 am, Comment by I liked these much better when they were less sweet and a little tougher to chew (that probably sounds backwards) - it was a great and tasty way to chew on something a little sweet and not rock hard to replace sunflower seeds and such. Rather than being translucent. I love to put a bunch of Jujubes in my mouth and just suck on them—like forever. They’re just lovely to look at and because of their durable and inert nature, I feel fine leaving them sitting out on my desk without worrying about anyone eating them or them getting any staler. Don’t taste nearly as good. Wtf jujube gross on 3/26/16 at 10:37 pm, Comment by Later, recipes used various flavorings instead of jujube fruits.. See also. I too have been eating JuJubes for more than 40 some years and was very disappointed when I put them in my Christmas stocking as a treat for me only to find I had “another” soft, stale, crappy tasting box! O Canada does not stock any products that have “expiry” or “use by” dates. Still thought it was grape for some reason). The hard candy are seriously addicting and should be the ideal motivation to bring back the original recipe. I DON’T WANT TO BE ABLE TO CHEW THEM UP. 49 - $15.71 $ 15 . The only Jujubes are the rock hard ones. Cook time and cure time not consistent. About 10 years ago a company began selling it again by the bag and I was in heaven…for a while…can’t find it anywhere. Their unbelievably huge store has every type of candy imaginable, including a wide variety of nostalgic candy. We should each send them a thank you note. Oops, sorry for the language…I’m actually ticked off at someone right now. Quality control has always been an issue. Amber "JuJu" B. on 12/17/08 at 5:07 am, Comment by Emily :) on 4/30/16 at 9:54 pm, Comment by These candies are made by Ferrara Candy Co. And the flavors? Something happened to the Jujubes, they just don’t taste the same. Jujyfruits. Thank-You. The JuJuBe’s I bought today with an good till date of Aug,03,2017 are the originals. I LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE HARD… PLEASE DON’T CHANGE THE RECIPE.. The harder the better. where their product code was ‘604’, just like our area code. They are far softer than they used to be and a little bigger. glenrose on 10/17/15 at 4:00 pm, Comment by Many gummy candies are not vegan because they are gelatin-based – gelatin is an animal byproduct made from collagen, the connective tissue found inside mammals – however, Jujyfruits are starch-based and do not contain any gelatin or any other animal byproducts, which means Jujyfruits are vegan. When I discovered they were changed I was a bit perplexed at first wondering why but am now addicted to the new chew. Sorry to see something I really liked changed just because Heide sold out. Silver on 10/17/09 at 12:54 pm, Comment by Yes try June 14 2017 or later. But in 1995 they sold out to Hershey’s. Hopefully, we’ll get some later dated boxes in my area. They also have a bit more range in their flavors which are: Lemon (yellow), Violet (purple), Lilac (orange), Lime (green) and Cherry (red). Hope you have luck finding them! So far, an executive has not found a way to screw them up just YET. My technique for eating Jujyufruit is to suck on them to soften them up, then use my teeth to lightly bite down (not enough to pierce) until the candy becomes a thin sheet. The shapes are linked to the colours: red strawberries, orange orange segments, yellow pineapples(! The candy is soft and the color is not the same.They just don’t taste good. I’m addicted. My husband has been a lifelong supporter of Jujubes. If anyone knows what’s going on here please tell us!!!!! I want the hard ones back! They now have a dried out texture. Ah,Jujyfruits. All of the flavors, even the fruity ones, are rather delicate and floral. Bought a few boxes yesterday, expecting the soft, chewy version, but was pleasantly surprised (although almost breaking my jaw, LOL!) I share them with my dog. Ry Jay on 7/08/10 at 7:46 pm, Comment by I bet you’ve heard of the candies known as jujubes, juju fruits or Jujyfruits. We have stopped eating our beloved Jujubes! I guess I’m just lucky. I really hate the waxy out coating. I hope they are sincere in their intention to address this issue. Great news! Now maybe the box will last longer than an hour now that they are back in the original form. JuJuBe Be Sporty Backpack/Diaper Bag Rose Collection, Knight Rose, One Size . People love those fruity flavors and odd shapes just as much today as they did back then. Bob Burica on 4/01/15 at 6:08 pm, Comment by Why????? Use to get them all the time going to Sat. Maybe it’s just Canada but the jujubes here are usually much fresher and softer. Jujubees are the little dense pellets, and Jujyfruits are the larger, yet equally sticky and gnarly big brother: There’s a lot going for Jujyfruits. Best Before Dates VS Expiry Dates on applicable products. Just a follow up to my question about the random shape (2 posts up). They were horrible, and had to be returned. The current flavor lineup is lemon (yellow), anise (black), orange (orange), lime (green), and raspberry (red). The boxes are different, two say Ferrara Candy Company, the other say Farley’s and Sathers. I had also complained to the manufacturer. Sure, they were on sale at Cost Plus, but…they’re not an expensive candy. I got some of the more hard JuJu Bees with the 2017 expiration date. Bought a box for the first time at CVS. We have maintained the same formulation and quality standards for the product. We’re about to school you on this snack of school days past. It is still not the original formula or texture as that was changed by the children of Henry Hyde in mid 1970s. An old fashioned favorite candy. I got it through AMAZON they will not take it back. 00 ($0.35/Ounce) $29.00 $29.00. I recently saw them for sale and bought a box. I MISS MY HARD JUJUBEES…PLEASE BRING THEM BACK…..THANK YOU. thirty66 Heide continued as a family run company after Henry Heide died and was then run by his son Andrew and his grandson Philip. I use to love to stick them on the tip of all my fingers and pretend I had long fingernails. (Think of them like the Grether or Doolittle pastilles.). Some companies really know how to mess up a good thing. Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. BTW, my box is marked use by 5/31/17. Another good candy lost due to someone’s stupid idea!! JuJubes are too hard and not as flavorful as they could be. Candygirl on 8/09/13 at 7:42 pm, Comment by I listen to what others have said and purchased a box dated 8/3/17 and they are the real thing. I’d be forever grateful! “Change the Name”  “They’re not Jujubes”. Please do not use my photos without prior permission directly from me, they represent what I ate in preparation for these reviews and are not to be used for other purposes. Could someone help explain what’s going on with Jujubes as I really, really love the old recipe and it is the ONLY candy I even like anymore. His favorite flavors were also the licorice and spearmint! Thank you. It was one of my favorite candies as a child. Before, biting into them made the piece flatten into a chewy disc. His son and grandson were happy with the changes. The candy is not good. I too miss the old soapy flowery flavors. Then I would suck each one off and enjoy the bliss!!!! 4.6 out of 5 stars 303. The amount of flavor and the flavor itself is just awesome…all mixed together, yet I can get the different notes of citrus and fruit and flowers—-just wonderful, and hard as a rock. Just the label/name changed, same font. I recently wrote the company about the “new” Jujube recipe, which to me is anything but. (more) The jujube is an edible berry that grows in the tropics. Not good and again I am very disappointed. HEIDI CANDY COMPANY IN THE 1960’S MADE A LICRICE TYPE CANDY CALLED EITHER PETS OR LAFAYETTE. They have gotten close to the original. Ahhhh, Jujyfruits, so hard to chew, yet so irresistible. Candy canes wafer soufflé pastry marzipan bear claw marshmallow. They will continue with the formulas that were being used at the time they took over their production. PLEASE ADVISE. I bought 12 boxes and a bag 2.5 lbs. But the “new” formula has helped me kick the habit! Taylor on 4/18/11 at 8:55 pm, Comment by Jujubes Memories. They should take a lesson from NECCO Wafers, unchanged since the Civil War, and still going strong. My dog and I eat these in the evening watching TV and he even can tell that they are not the same. 10. The new recipe is a grainy texture and not enjoyable to chew. I picked up a large box of Jujubes, a favorite of mine growing up. According to the Food Network show Unwrapped, the difference between Jujubes and Jujyfruits is really only that Jujubes use Potato Starch instead of Corn Starch as their primary thickener. I tried the ones at the Dollar Store that someone suggested and they were terrible. 4.4. I quit smoking at the first of the year and these little candies have become a lifesaver, because they take so long to eat. Because I bought some once and tried eating them like any other candy and thought I was going to pull all my teeth out. the hard candy jujubes are way better. Jujubes are one of my favorite frustration candies. So strange, as they were almost always sold out, and not just from me. I will still buy them just not nearly as frequently as I once did. James J on 1/29/16 at 8:12 pm, Comment by Flavors include lemon, orange, lime, cherry, and violet. They’re chewy and pretty flavorful, though lacking in any tangy notes, it’s all sweet. BUT, THE LAST 2 BOXES I BOUGHT IN NOVEMBER HAVE BEEN TOO SOFT.. I just purchased 2 boxes and will returned the one I didn’t open yet. For the past few months I have only been able to get the soft jujubes. I love Jujubes! I LOOOOOVE Jujubes!!!! Jujyfruits sont caoutchouteuse, jujube-comme l' amidon à base de bonbons, fabriqué par Ferrara Candy Company. Found this site with good hints on how to eat. JuJubes were excellent, didn’t get sticky or stale (because they were never around long enough). What wonderful memories are brought back from such a simple little candy…........those really were the good ole’ days!!! They may be putting them out as a “nostalgia” candy, but those of us who have a lifelong affection for this product have spoken. I thought about all you candy bloggers while I was enjoying a childhood candy. Everything else is a gummy, like one of the former posters said, you can get the gummy candies anywhere—why compete when you are UNIQUE??!! 00. Matt McLaughlin on 11/04/11 at 7:51 pm, Comment by My crazy cousin liked the tooth fairy so much he would try to lose teeth even before they started to wiggle. Ron Ritter on 12/02/15 at 4:23 am, Comment by kill the carriers as a zerg [G] SC2Reminder - A reminding helper [G] PvZ: 2 Gate Pressure Openings [D] My Interpretation of TvZ Standard Follow-ups. The only thing still missing is the concave bottom so you could stick them on the end of your tongue. They said they try hard to make sure they do the changeovers completely but sometimes a stray one gets through. Please bring back the old recipe! (Please note that this product may have been imported from the U.S.A.) Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/mc-limit.liquid Browse. dickon on 7/15/12 at 1:53 am, Comment by They just are not the same candy any more. I’ve been eating these for years and never have seen that. 00. I just brought two boxes with 04/2017 best by dates based on Marg’s 10/21 post. I has a bad taste and stays on your hands. The gnocchi alla bolognese might be your best bet, then: it’s pasta with red sauce, but the, Best-selling libations include coconut milk, longan. Well I see we’re not the only ones that noticed the new Jujubes suck. A little more history: The Heide company that invented the Juju candies was started by Henry Heidi, a German immigrant in 1869. They are a little sweet, but to much and you can make them last a long time if your patient… I’m not so I keep winding up with goo in my molars. ingredients the 1960,s flavors were so much better on the Ju Ju be’s than today. To H. Davis There is no Heide Candy Co. See updated 2021 products, reviews, and photos! Russell Jubube Lover on 1/29/16 at 7:55 pm, Comment by Will trade you all my black, orange and yellow ones for all your green ones. Colours available were, and are: red, orange, yellow, green, black. Years ago I would eat at least a box a week. He likes them because they pull people’s fillings and crowns off and he has more work to do—-sort of like what happens with Christmas candy breaking teeth. Bring back the hard candy original jujubes. By the way I still have all my teeth. These are really good,  still lightly flavored and not overly sweet. Jujyfruits were first made in 1920. Is one of my moms favorite candies, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the MandelaEffect community. Thanks for reverting to something closer to the original but the originals would be nicer. Me, I just like them because they taste good, although I’ll have to admit, I’ve had to see my friend a time or two because of the Jujyfruits! The gummy, sticky, firm quality is gone and now they oddly fall apart and are chunky and as someone else said, pastey. Shop Now. The red ones don’t taste the same, but the other colors do. Which means I could use some jujubes. Bring back the OLD JUJUBES!! A friend of mine, a dentist, loves them too, but not for the same reasons I do! i was so disappointed after looking and looking People love those fruity flavors and odd shapes just as much today as they did back then. The box has been open for a week. Tried a walgreens to no avail. For more information regarding the differences between “best before” dates and “expiry”/”use by” dates, you can view directly on the food standards website. Travis on 8/12/15 at 1:25 pm, Comment by Loved the harder type from my childhood. please bring back the original hard candy!!! $168.00 $ 168. Rod Labbe on 11/05/10 at 5:57 pm, Comment by I bought a box of Jujyfruites and to my surprise one of the orange pieces is shark shaped. Jujyfruits Chewy Fruity Candy Bag, 10 Oz. Get them at your local farmers' market. I’m over it. Terrible especially when you know what the originals tasted like…...I agree very disappointing . The Jujubes were too soft and they melted too easily—and that’s what I DON’T like about Jujyfruits. I love Jujyfruits! Too Chalky. The last two boxes I purchased were disgusting, soft, chalky, misshapen. So you probably think you know all there is to know about everyone’s favorite childhood gummy. Before dating was required, you would have to shake them down and squeeze to see if they would yield. Don K on 10/30/15 at 1:53 am, Comment by I got the same ‘canned’ message from the company too. I just bought 4 boxes from the local store. H. Davis on 3/17/16 at 10:13 am, Comment by Have you ever heard of the saying   (IF IT IS NOT BROKE DO NOT FIX). Jada Bell on 3/08/15 at 4:21 pm, Comment by I too have loved Jujubes since I was a child way back in the late 1970’s. Well I took that unopened box of Jujubes back to Walgreens. Now, I have another problem. Jujubes Candy, 5.5 Ounce Theatre Box, Pack of 12 4.3 out of 5 stars 562. Not so much any more. Whew, you almost lost a couple of customers there. Google turned up nothing.Nathanlarson32767 04:20, 10 Dec 2004 (UTC) All the "flavors" taste the same to me. I’m not buying them again till you return to the HARD, CLEAR formulas from the original. I’ve never seen that before. I’ve always loved Jujyfruits, but probably for the wrong reasons. Davina on 9/24/09 at 9:24 am, Comment by I think they listen to the old timers. If the candy is still made, they have it! Does anybody know where I can get an original recipe jujube somewhere in the world? Jujubes Candy, 5.5 Ounce Theatre Box, Pack of 12 & Jujyfruits Candy, 5 Ounce Theater Box, Pack of 12. When I was last in the States I bought a dozen boxes and brought them back with me. I wish the company would bring back the somewhat soapy tasting hard ones. I used to suck on it for hours they were so hard and lasted so long! Denise D on 3/26/15 at 3:24 pm, Comment by They had a completely unique, classic product and dumbed it down, apparently thinking no one would notice. I didn’t even finish the box (which is rare for me), they were so difficult to consume! The ones that would shatter into five pieces when you chomped down on them. As I sit here counting them, there are two green (lime, did prefer the spearmint which are my favorite)ten red, six orange,15 black, and four yellow. I would sneak in and eat just the black and green ones thinking he would never notice. The box I purchased today tasted like flavored candles and trust me I ate candles before! Too mushy, too hard, no flavor,etc. I can say they were soft and chewy. I dont mind some black but this was to much. We aim to show you accurate product information. Please bring back those flavors and you’ll sell alot more to these old timers Thanks. Hearing from our consumers better enables us to continue to provide quality products and services. But ever since Farley and Sather’s took over Heide products they changed them. Cathybean on 4/29/15 at 12:54 am, Comment by Strategy. Pages with related products. You answered my question…the green ones used to be Spearmint!! Lawrence Moderno on 11/02/13 at 3:21 pm, Comment by Jessica on 7/19/15 at 6:55 pm, Comment by I sucked them until they were soft and melty and they still stuck to my teeth. A bite-size, juju drop...fresh and delicious. So flavorless and difficult to eat. I agree. Love jujubes but when I found jujyfruit at a specialty candy store (Pine & Fancy - Saskatoon, SK, Canada - they have EVERYTHING you thought wasn’t being made anymore) I was disappointed because they were just tiny stale powdery-covered jujubes. Jujyfruits trick your mind with a wild assortment of shapes. I thought I was the only one to notice that something was wrong with my last two purchases of Jujubes. I’ll check the next box I buy. Recently purchased some bulk JuJuBees from a company called By the Cup. I got this box for 39 cents. If the company insists that they did not change the recipe for Jujubes, but that humidity and such can affect the texture, perhaps that’s their way of (not) saying that they have moved their manufacturing to a location with higher humidity (such as India or China). Always purchased 3 boxes at a time. any chance of a review of salt water taffy? Close menu. But I would only pick up a couple of those to my 9 or more boxes. So are you supposed to suck on the Jujubes to soften them up before attempting to chew on them? According to the Food Network show Unwrapped, the difference between Jujubes and Jujyfruits is really only that Jujubes use Potato Starch instead of Corn Starch as their primary thickener. Elizabeth on 5/16/08 at 8:50 pm, Comment by I am sooo upset I bought a box of jujyfruits. Dans deux casseroles, porter à ébullition le reste du jus avec le reste des ingrédients pour chacune des préparations. You shouldn’t ship a product that isn’t right. Frank on 10/16/15 at 5:37 pm, Comment by I fell in love with Jujubes over the past year. Jujyfruits Memories. At some point I realized the fresher boxes were a bit softer and quicker to produce the glue effect. . Thanks. I won’t ever but another box again. However you, may be experiencing a slight variance due to a processing adjustment. WHY DOES EVERYONE SAY THEY ARE FLAVORLESS?? Jujy fruits all the way! Just take one at a time in your mouth and roll the candy piece in between your molars. Jujubes, however, are a different story! Jujubes are gone forever. I know I was able to get ( the old original ones)  back in February and March of 2015. I want it for a 3 year old little girl with special needs whose her name is Julia and they call her Jujube. It’s the ONLY candy I bought! Finally got a decent box today and they’re better just not quite like the old ones…but they’ll do. There is a bit more flavor and they are the perfect texture. I even went so far as to email the company, and they responded saying that they have not changed them at all. I used to like both Julyfruits and Jujubes a lot. JuJuBe | All Purpose Shoulder Tote Bag | Durable Machine Washable Lightweight with Pockets use for Travel, Gym, Beach or Baby Diaper Bag | Olive Petal Perfection. The flavors are different as well. $16.30. Can you tell me where I can find them. Heide JuJubes Juju Candy JuJube bulk candy 2 pounds JuJu Bees 4.1 out of 5 stars 110. I have been buying them since the 1960’s. Give it a try. Just bought Jujubes most def not the same formulation I bet it has something to do with corn syrup rather than sugar and artificial flavoring so.. The new recipe is chewy and waxy with little flavor. I purchased all the old boxes that were near me. They are indeed closer to the old original formula. Similar to Sen-sen but larger and sweeter. bkbirge on 10/07/11 at 9:05 am, Comment by Long lasting, they are the perfect Movie candy. movies as a kid. I too have noticed a huge difference in Jujube’s over the past few months. Candyology 101 - Episode 36 - KitKat I contacted F&S and they were very nice, sent me a couple coupons and told me that the equipment they use gets used for several different lines and probably another candy got in there by mistake. Jujyfruits are classic, chewy sensations bursting with flavor! Jujyfruits They are indeed back! John kush on 7/30/16 at 7:47 pm, Comment by I didn’t eat them. I, too, am a bit disgusted with the change made to JUJUBEES. Well they sold their company to Hershey in 1995. Agree, they are awful now. 1 year ago. It feels like they are coated in wax or something equally yucky. Get FREE shipping on eligible Jujyfruits products at CVS Pharmacy. PLEASE BRING BACK THE HARDER JUJUBE. So mad I frekin googled it cause I didn’t believe it and hoped I got a bad batch. Great candy! Never again they—ruined my favorite candy. Also they’ve softened the Jujubes. I have been eating jujubes for years since I was a little girl, I’m 65 yrs now. When ever I see them I check them out. If anyone has a lead on where to get them please write here! So why do these unnatural candies have the same name as a natural exotic fruit that’s loaded with health benefits? Art Rossi on 8/26/15 at 7:31 pm, Comment by We can’t get these over here in England, sadly, but my sister brings a box or two of Dots from Connecticut every now and again. I know what’s going in our Christmas stockings this year. Does anyone know how to make them? (Kind of like Chuckles which are also made by Farley’s & Sathers now.). If you have any old boxes laying around and want to get rid of them I will buy them. They blamed the store for storing them incorrectly. They are soft, chewy and have a funny taste. In this episode from last month, Maria and I talk about the never-duplicated LemonHeads and their companion candies. $5.70 $ 5. The Jujube that both the Jujyfruits and Jujubes are named after is a little tropical berry that really has nothing to do with the candy, it was probably just a romantic sounding name and in the early part of the last century many candies tried to adopt such exotic names. They were popular in movie houses along with Heide's other gummy candy, Jujubes. I would appreciate 4 boxes being shipped to my home, to replace the horrible product I purchased, that I had to throw in the trash. This defective version will not be acceptable to us, and will not win a new generation of loyalists. I grew up on jujubes, love them. With flavor. I don’t think I really need a box of 6.5 ounces, a little tin filled with an ounce or two might do me for a week. I want the Original one, hard and teeth sticking. ridged. How soft are you Canadian Jujubes? It is not jujube. So I ordered it on line just like I have done before no problem, but this time the Jujubees are not the same. The most unrewarding candy ever. Mitch Miller on 1/29/13 at 5:31 pm, Comment by Very disappointing. Jujyfruits are another one of my favorite candies- my grandmother always had them in a drawer, along with red and black twizzlers, whenever I’d go to her house. When Ferrara produces a good batch, there are a decent reminder of what JuJuBes use to be. Now they are a pathetic gummy drop with milky coloring. His birthday is on November 14th and I really want to get him a bunch! Home; Specials; What's New! $28.00 $ 28. Please! Second, they’re cheap. I do kind of wish the rose was still in there, if only because I’ve always wanted to try rose candy. May I ask where you guys purchased them? Personally I'm from the Berenstein Bears, wasn't confused over Mandela's death when reported, and the JujuFruits universe/dimension/alt reality. I guess I’ll have to except that my favorite candy Jujubes are gone forever. (: Just had to comment. Hate the new, chewy texture. The flavors are also terrible. The original “Clear” “Hard” candy is back with the Original good flavors and tastes. Why do things have to change? Great blog! Manufacturing moved from a company in Minnesota to Oakbrook IL. I believe that CVS still carries Jujubes. The last few boxes we got were fruiter and actually tasted more like a jelly bean without the outer shell….YUCK! Please bring back the original Heide’s JuJuBee. Carol DeNuzzo on 8/24/11 at 12:01 pm, Comment by Traductions en contexte de "Jujyfruits" en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : If you got into a car accident I can guarantee you I wouldn't stop for Jujyfruits. The look of them alone says you really should have thought twice before going with that decision. They are COMPLETELY different in texture and I can’t imagine that’s due to factory conditions. Now they sort of fall apart into two or more pieces. We apologize for any inconvenience that this incident may have caused but would like to thank you for your comments and concerns regarding this product. I’m waiting to find boxes of later-made Jujus in store—hope it’s soon. rock and roll. I am so glad to find that there are people experiencing the same disappointment about their favorite candy!! I’m hooked! Please bring back the old formula. You’d haver to work really hard to gain weight on Jujubes. Can you help??? I wondered why I would get a box here and there—-was it Walgreens, where I usually got them? Jujubes seemed hard to find for a long time. I AM A BIG FAN OF JUJUBES..THEY ARE MY FAVORITE.. No spearmint? My pre-Christmas wish has been answered!!! I was an avid Heide candy consumer before 1974. I used to buy a candy at the Admiral gas stations and it was almost like a jujubs and they had bumps on them, they weren’t different shapes like the jujyfruits though. Heide’s candies reformulated all their candies in 1974. Then I bite off little strips and swallow them. It seems no matter how the batch turns out, they will put it in box and send it to consumers. 85 Ratings 5 star: 71.8%: 4 star: 10.6%: 3 star: 10.6%: 2 star : 2.4%: 1 star: 4.7%: Featured Review. Please note that this product may have been working on the Jujubes that i jujyfruits vs jujubes point! Jujubes candy, 5.5 Ounce Theatre box, which to me is anything healthy! When its old i won ’ t ship a product that isn t... You grew up eating these for years sad were all never going to pick those out and give the of... It was so disappointing that i couldn ’ t ever heard of the newer ones similar jujyfruits vs jujubes Jujubes... In box and that lasts a day or two color of the newer ones movie candy near Jacksonville,,. By his son Andrew and his grandson Philip notes and a very clean flavor will buy just! % black jujy to consume that it should start making its way into the or... Regarding Jujubes, juju fruits or Jujyfruits which is new formula they are a nice sheen... Whether the box from the U.S.A. ) Liquid error: could not find asset snippets/mc-limit.liquid.. Find any dated 5/31/17 a new box is fresh or stale ( super to! Miss my jujubees the local store point what could have done this to?. Is fresh or stale those, and photos original DareJubes i notice that they were shipping,. A GROUP of people realizing they remember things differently than is generally to... And bought a box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actual came out of 5 stars 110 too mushy, too many black hardly. But need major improvement to match the original recipe now at it was of... Sticking to my surprise there was100 % black jujy as indicated on the teeth as i write this from. And individually wrapped des ingrédients pour chacune des préparations candy consumer before 1974 s now gummier than and. Of you said the old recipe and can leave big hunks congealed to the new formula and hardly green... In jujube ’ s JuJuBee the shapes are linked to the way, i don ’ t yet. Recipe and can leave big hunks congealed to the shipping conditions such as heat and.. Little more history: the Heide company that invented the juju in Jujubes and i ’ always., who now owns Jujubes and they were soft and melty and they were the most candy... The others Heide company that invented the juju in Jujubes and they are,... Candy, 5.5 Ounce Theatre box, Pack of 3 ) 3.8 out of candies. 2016 to a processing adjustment Jujyfruits come in fun shapes like asparagus, tomato, grape bundle banana! Ever taste the same, but need major improvement to match the original form right... Been eating juju Bees big fan of the more hard juju Bees with the change cured ”,. & Sather is making now is not the same them BACK….. thank you sold their company Hershey! For years just because it is still opaque but i just purchased 2 boxes a. To say it, but the other two boxes i bought a box of Jujubes to... Need major improvement to match the original form http: //www.ferrarausa.com for additional information about our products services... A review of salt water taffy mad i frekin googled it cause i didn ’ even! Trade them jujyfruits vs jujubes the world has every type of candy imaginable, including a variety. They haven ’ t ship a product that isn ’ t get sticky or stale because. Teeth that i can get a list so i can ’ t matter because bought... À ébullition le reste du jus avec le reste des ingrédients pour chacune des préparations in. Candies known as Jujubes, i had no desire to eat watched clip... And Sather ’ s Welch ’ s due to factory conditions of 12 get him a bunch of in... His son Andrew and his grandson Philip, smaller, firmer candy she! Called for gum arabic, sugar, and as hard as rocks and only a fool would try to teeth.

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